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Mental Health, MAY we provide you with Resources

As any lifelong Alaskan may relate, mental health is a BIG conversation. Our lack of sunlight in the winter, along with other unique Alaskan challenges make the mental health of our community a constant concern. You might be saying what does Valley Imaging have to do with Mental Health?! The truth is we are invested in the health of our community and feel the topic deserves all of our attention.

Below we’d like to share some of our favorite tips for boosting mental health, lowering stress levels, and feeling better. There will also be specific online resources for anyone to click on including Alaska specific resources, nationwide education, as well as tips and tricks.

Starting with 5 fav mental health practices from Kayla (a face you might recognize if you've been to our clinic):

1 - Get a good night's rest

2 - Stay Hydrated

3 - Move your body

4 - Breath outside air

5 - Do something nice for someone else

“I like to kick start my day with a glass of water, some fresh air and exercise with my dogs outside! After the dogs are done sniffing around and I have finished my glass of water we can grab breakfast and get on with our day.

This one, small, sometimes only 5 minute, morning ritual helps set me up for my day, and helps with my mental health.” - Kayla

Tips and Tricks to boost your mental health!

Online resources for general mental health education:

Spending time at an event and meeting new people or supporting the local community is also a great option!

Check out the Wasilla Chambers Website to see their events Calendar!

Palmer Chambers Website also has fun events to keep you active!

During Mental Health Month, Alaska provides numerous mental health resources for those in need. Here are a few that you may find helpful:

Alaska Specific Resources:

“Preserving your mental health is one of the very best things you can do for yourself and a way to decrease your chance of mental illness in the future.”

-Andrew Huberman

We hope that as a community we can encourage each other and improve our mental health throughout the year, not just in May!


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